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Once upon a time there was the word ‘Yehkri’,  from oral tradition, whose spelling differs depending on the geographical location cric/Kric crac/Kra.

The famous words of the storyteller are known from Africa to the Americas; they are used during ceremonies to appeal to the audience, to ensure maximum attention. Then comes the Misticric/Mistikrik Mistikrak/misticrac, a response to the injunction of the storyteller, who in reality only seeks to wake up the children, who, tired of these long palavers, would eventually have fallen asleep. And the tradition continues when YEHKRI.COM A.C.C. in turn turns to citizens and asks: “Are you with us? Are you listening?"

YEHKRI.COM A.C.C. : for the Promotion of Culture

Created in the heart of the Caribbean at Avenue Nelson Mandela, Le Marin, Martinique on Nov 2000 
Domiciled in the heart of Paris, at the MVAC of the 1st arrondissement since 2009

The activities of YEHKRI.COM A.C.C. took place in different areas of Parisian cultural life, while establishing connections with overseas territories.

The associative activity also focused on the publishing of books, the Expo, the creation and maintenance of digital training platforms, the creation of websites as well as on initiation and training in IT technologies. information and communication.

The Creole Cultural Center, Creole being understood in the sense of creation, of diversity, aims to contribute to the development of the individual, the promotion of Cultures and the use of technologies as a medium of social integration.

Our desire is to raise awareness among the public, particularly young people, about New Technologies, to help them find training and a passion for knowledge using IT Technologies.
Our Ambition is to contribute to artistic development and economic and social integration.
Our passion is to discover, observe, listen, promote all the beauties through Art…
Participating activity allows the realization of beautiful projects and citizen rapprochement.


5 bis rue de Louvre
75001 Paris 01
+33 (0)6 82 03 05 96

N°SIRET : 43755577400029
APE 9499Z   
RNA W9M3000919


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